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One pill makes you small

Rough morning – I accidentally took my “evening” vitamin supplements instead of the “morning” ones — so I’m loaded up on sleepy things like melatonin and ashwagandha. Makes for a drowsy start to the day. (and yes, they are in … Continue reading


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Is this all there is?

Today I am pondering the cadence of my days. I sleep about 8 hours a night. Less than that, and you don’t want to be around me. There’s an hour in the morning and three hours in the evening – … Continue reading

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Poppy Update

This weekend marks two months since we took Poppy in. Though an initial look by a vet tech gave us a female verdict, a full vet exam the other day determined that Poppy is in fact a neutered male. So, … Continue reading

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A greenhouse!

For years I have wanted a greenhouse so I could start my veggies from seed. Our house does not have good windows for seed starts, and up until a few months ago we had a voracious plant-eating feline. So I … Continue reading

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Reading & knitting

I finally finished 1Q84. Whoo, what a journey! I enjoyed the story – it’s imaginative, quirky, and entertaining – and once I settled into the cadence of the writing I found it a very soothing read. There isn’t a lot … Continue reading

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