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I finally finished 1Q84. Whoo, what a journey! I enjoyed the story – it’s imaginative, quirky, and entertaining – and once I settled into the cadence of the writing I found it a very soothing read. There isn’t a lot of drama, no big climactic point in the story, but it builds gradually and connects two seemingly separate storylines about halfway through. It’s sweet, sometimes funny, and an easy read.

On to my current read: The Foreigner’s Confession, by Lya Badgley. This is our April Book Club pick, and honestly, at first I was hesitant. The topic is heavy: an American amputee travels to Cambodia to help survivors of landmine explosions. I wasn’t sure I had any emotional bandwidth for the suffering I knew the book held.

It has been surprisingly easy to read, however; though the storyline contains plenty of sad and tragic characters, there are also bits of humor, insight, and self-evaluation that help keep the horror in the background. You know it’s there, but it’s behind a curtain. Not that the author is glossing over anything, it’s just not the focal point of the story so it can provide the background without overwhelming the narrative. If that makes sense.

Anyway – I’m about half way thru it, it’s a pretty quick read, and so far I’m enjoying the story.

On the knitting front, I signed up for the Sock Madness competition again this year, and qualified for a team. I barely squeaked thru Round One, and then was thoroughly trounced for Round Two… Oh well. It’s ok, and I got two lovely pairs of socks out of the first month so that’s pretty good. I had a green theme going.

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