A greenhouse!

For years I have wanted a greenhouse so I could start my veggies from seed. Our house does not have good windows for seed starts, and up until a few months ago we had a voracious plant-eating feline. So I typically purchased starts from a garden center and only planted seeds for the things that didn’t require the added time (like peas and radishes – though the local crows make even this a challenge, as they have learned that I put nummies in the garden for them to pick out at their convenience).

Well – this year I finally decided to just order a greenhouse. And I’m super excited and glad I did! I got the smallest free-standing but not temporary one I could find, it’s got a 4’X6′ footprint, a real door, and is exactly the size I needed. My veg gardens are not that big, I don’t need acres of seedlings.

Anyway – I’ve started a bunch of stuff and most of it is doing great! We’ve had some late cold snaps so I’m really glad to have the protections from these April frosts, and to give the seeds a chance to sprout so the crows are less tempted to pluck them out of the ground.

(oh, and I’m out of the Sock Madness knitting competition, I didn’t make it thru Round 2. It’s ok, I was just surprised at how fast everyone was this year.)

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