Poppy Update

This weekend marks two months since we took Poppy in. Though an initial look by a vet tech gave us a female verdict, a full vet exam the other day determined that Poppy is in fact a neutered male. So, a pronoun change and a cancelled spay appointment, and on we go.

Poppy got a clean bill of health from his checkup; no viruses or medical issues to be worried about. He got an estimated age of 5-7 years old, which is in line with my own estimate based on his behavior and body size / density – he’s well past any gangly kitten stage but also still quite active. A couple of shots to make sure he continues to stay healthy, and that’s pretty much it.

It’s been really great seeing Poppy settle into his new home. He has a wide vocabulary and is pretty vocal; he likes to touch people but not be picked up; and he really wants to be outside. This is the biggest challenge, keeping an outdoor cat inside.

He’s quite an active cat, and prefers his playtime to include obstacles — apparently it’s more fun catching a mouse if it includes chair legs and a carseat in the chase. At a sturdy 13 pounds, he makes a lot more noise careening around the house than our prior two cats, and he hasn’t fully adjusted to hardwood floors yet.

It’s been, what – fifteen years? since I had a male cat, and he’s just so easy going. He isn’t jumpy or easily startled, not much scares him, and he’s really tolerant of almost anything. He didn’t even freak out when he saw the neighbor’s cat in our yard, he just looked really interested (both Amelia and Snickerdoodle would hiss and growl at the intruders).

I’m glad we were able to take him in, he’s a great cat.

snuggle time

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