Is this all there is?

Today I am pondering the cadence of my days.

I sleep about 8 hours a night. Less than that, and you don’t want to be around me.

There’s an hour in the morning and three hours in the evening – a total of four hours a day – at home that I’m awake. The morning hour is coffee, packing a lunch, feeding the cat, taking a shower; the usual getting ready for work stuff. I may throw a load of laundry in if there’s time.

The three hours in the evening are spent making dinner, cleaning up afterwards, looking thru the mail, perhaps a bit of tidying, feeding the cat, catching up on any soap business, and squeezing in a bit of leisure if possible (TV / knitting / reading / social media). And if I work late, this window becomes even narrower.

The other twelve+ hours are spent working and commuting, five days a week.

It’s no wonder my weekends are so precious. There’s still grocery shopping, gardening, and the soap business to manage, plus any house projects or recreation we want to do. Housework is way down the list.


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