One pill makes you small

Rough morning – I accidentally took my “evening” vitamin supplements instead of the “morning” ones — so I’m loaded up on sleepy things like melatonin and ashwagandha. Makes for a drowsy start to the day. (and yes, they are in one of those divided vitamin caddy things; the hall light was off and I was not exactly fully alert when I grabbed it. Only after I swallowed the pills did it register that they didn’t look like quite the *right* pills.) Extra coffee for me today.

Have I shared a pic of Poppy lately? He is fully acclimated to us now, and has staked his claim on certain “safe” zones in the house where he goes when he’s done playing. At some point in his chase game zoomies he makes for a safe zone and the game is over. Full stop. It’s pretty funny; no grey zone, either calm and collected or ripping thru the house knocking things over. He isn’t the most graceful of cats, but he more than makes up for it in personality.

On the reading front: I finished The Foreigner’s Confession, by Lya Badgley. The author attended our book club meeting last week, which was really neat; so much better than answering stock questions, we were free to ask her all sorts of things and hear her experiences that inspired the book. I enjoyed the book, I think the author did a great job keeping the tone mostly light while not ignoring the atrocities that were going on.

Now on my ereader is The Humans, by Matt Haig. This one is just fun, a sci-fi story with aliens, told from the perspective of one who finds himself on Earth with a mission to accomplish – except as he spends time with the humans, he struggles to complete that mission. I’m nearly done with this one, and would recommend it if you like “light sci-fi” and are a bit of a math / science nerd.

During my commute I’m working on a pair of Cably Wably socks for Sock Madness. I’m a cheerleader now, so not officially competing but I like the pattern and wanted to knit along with my team. I’m nearly thru the gusset and will turn the heel tonight. Lots of stitch manipulation so they are slow, but it’s an enjoyable knit.


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