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Sunday spin-in and a new stove

The weather this weekend was perfect for staying indoors; it rained pretty much the whole weekend, but that was OK because our new stove was delivered on Saturday! This is our first new stove, and we are so excited! It took … Continue reading

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FTP Syndrome

Yea verily – I suffer mightily from FTP Syndrome. Whenever I am faced with cooking or preparing some sort of foodstuff, there is this urge, this drive, to Fill The Pot. For years this served me well (it also served our … Continue reading

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Egg ‘muffins’

Whatever you want to call these, they are super easy and super tasty and a great way to use up some oddments from the fridge, especially if you find yourself with a bunch of eggs. I made these last night … Continue reading

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Tiger Butter Fudge

To be fair, it’s more like candy than fudge, but it’s good nonetheless. And very easy to make – I blogged the recipe four years ago and that post continues to get hits from search engines, so folks must still … Continue reading

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Jam and jelly time

Today is my traditional jam- and jelly-making day. Throughout the summer months I collect, wash, chop, and freeze berries as they come into season, and on Black Friday I haul them all out of the deep freezer, wash the canning … Continue reading

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What’s happening, hotstuff?

Remember that line from Sixteen Candles? Maybe I’ll Netflix that on the telly while I make jelly on Friday (since I refuse to join the insanity that is Black Friday shopping). Has it really been five days since my last … Continue reading

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A crock of wishful thinking

I love my crock pot. Except I can only use it on the weekends, which is also the best time for me to cook a “regular” meal, so the crock pot doesn’t get used as much as I’d like. See, … Continue reading

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