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Summer garden

Ah, summer – how I love thee, and being able to eat from the backyard on an evening too hot for cooking. Advertisements

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Don’t blink

When you forget to check on your garden for a week, you get Jurassic zucchini to wrestle out from under the vines. I cut these on Friday before they could crush my house.

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Sort of contrary

How does your garden grow? Mine is hit or miss, with some plants thriving and others… Not so much. There’s a bumper crop of potatoes coming in, and three of the five asparagus plants I set this year came up … Continue reading

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At least something is thriving

Most of our garden is a bust this year – between record rainfall during a cold spring and then an overnight swing to the longest dry spell and high temps for the summer, most things couldn’t survive.  But the tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Feeling pretty hipster

My raspberry plants are finally mature enough to produce jam-making levels of fruit – so today, my first batch of homegrown, organic, vegan-friendly, low-sugar raspberry jam will be canned. In jars with chalkboard labels. 

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One of my favorite summertime activities is picking and shelling peas from our garden. Such a satisfying thing, the snap of the pod, and then whisking the plump little peas out with my thumb. The empty pods go into the … Continue reading

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The little beasts have really outdone themselves – they dug up three of my pumpkin seeds from the garden… And replanted them in the middle of the lawn. I tried to dig them up, but our ground is too hard. … Continue reading

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