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Putting in the toms

Both of our boys came by today, and our eldest was kind enough to take me to the nursery for dirt and tomato starts. Much moving of dirt later, I laid out the tomatoes in their new home.  (they have … Continue reading

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Sometimes I finish stuff

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Racing the rain

Monsoon season is still holding us captive here in Seattle, delaying outdoor projects left and right. This morning we had a few hours of sunshine, though, so the Mr and I headed out to tackle a couple of things. He … Continue reading

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Just as June = strawberries, and July = raspberries, August is for blackberries. (though we still have raspberries, too) As obnoxious as the plants are, I do enjoy being able to pick these nummies just about everywhere around us. 

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Perfectly natural

I am shelling peas from the garden, and keep stopping to admire the perfect little rows of green. 

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Me vs vinca minor

It’s a tale as old as home ownership. ┬áToday I took up my trusty cultivator, slipped on my gloves, and waded into the field of battle, determined to beat back the combined evil forces of vinca minor and ivy. Please … Continue reading

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I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! The first raspberry harvest is a sight for winter- starved eyes.

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