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Plum wore out!

The morning was spent with a couple friends, coffee, and yarn shopping – so fun! The sun was shining when I got home,  and it only seemed right to spend some time outside. Anything to avoid housework. I got the … Continue reading

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All a-buzz

The lavender is in full bloom – a little ahead of usual, but the bees are bustling all over it. It is darned difficult to take a picture of bees; they don’t hold still for long. We have two kinds … Continue reading

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I’ve had veggie gardens for years, and always compost and mulch well in the fall and spring. We have a worm bin, and I spread the castings, use the “tea” in my watering (from the rain barrels), and I rotate … Continue reading

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The earth awakens

The weather this weekend was spectacular – and so, per usual, I spent most of it outside. I got quite a bit done – got the sidewalk edged, lawn & parking strip mown, some weeds pulled, marigolds planted, a soaker … Continue reading

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Go outside and play!

We’re pretty sure the birds building the nest in our filbert are Bushtits. Very small birds, they spent the weekend making the inside cozy with fluff from a ball of wool we hung on the porch, and giving us the … Continue reading

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Getting dirty

It is such a beautiful spring morning that I had to go dig in the garden just a little, before heading to work. The crows and squirrels ate my first batch of snap peas that I planted last month, so … Continue reading

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A good weekend

A very productive weekend was had around here, I must say. I fell into a fit of domesticity and baked, cleaned, and did yard work. The vegetable garden is now prepped and weeded; I planted the first crop of sugar … Continue reading

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

This is very good coffee. That was a pretty good bottle of wine. This makes me very happy. See there? Several bee tubes are newly packed with mud, which means there are wee baby mason bees inside. The proportions on … Continue reading

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Floral debut

Spring arrived, and the plants are in heaven. Record-breaking rainfalls in March and April led to a couple weeks of really warm weather — and the flora is bursting into bloom everywhere I look. Thank goodness, because the bees are … Continue reading

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Hope springs eternal

I have eaten hundreds of apples in my life. Maybe even thousands (we did have our own orchard for six years when I was growing up), and while I have bitten into more than a few worms, never have I … Continue reading

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