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Slow life

There is something oddly satisfying about chopping wood by hand. The heft of the axe, the smooth arc of the swing, the soft thunk as the wood splits and falls to the ground. With the sound of the river in … Continue reading

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Bag the granny

I am working on getting my craft room under control – and one way I’m tackling that is by ripping out projects I shall never finish in order to reclaim the yarn. Projects that seemed like a good idea many¬†years … Continue reading

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Paleo snacks

I hesitate to call this a Paleo snack, because I am not fully on the Paleo bandwagon…. I am, however, on the eat-less-processed-food bandwagon and these are the perfect snack / light meal. ¬†They also happen to be Paleo-friendly. I’m … Continue reading

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Bye-bye baggies

If you know me, you know that I have a “thing” against disposable items. We (as a society) throw out so much stuff, and it drives me batty. Recycling, yes, that’s an option – but the item still has to … Continue reading

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Tree envy

I was not born in the Pacific Northwest, but I’ve spent almost my entire life here and as such am very familiar with the flora and fauna that surrounds us. One of my favorite things about traveling is that I … Continue reading

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Almost three weeks into May and my garden is less than impressive. It has been far too wet and cold. At this rate, I don’t think I’ll get tomatoes until October.

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The educated recycler

I popped into a local coffee shop to treat myself to a latte during lunch, and as I waited for my beverage I saw this little display above their garbage-recycle-compost bins: More places should do this. Seriously – I see … Continue reading

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