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Baby steps

I’m making a concerted effort to be healthier – and while that includes losing weight, I know myself well enough to know that drastic measures will make me miserable and fail in the long run. So, small steps.  I joined … Continue reading

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What is that thing about good intentions?

Thanks to the holidays, a particularly heavy rainy season, and an overburdened schedule, I have enjoyed far too many cookies and chocolates, and far too few long walks or workouts. The Mr., bless his heart, has been giving me rides … Continue reading

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Oh, the temptation

I’m trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, but it’s really difficult. They say it will get easier, that the cravings will go away, but all I want to do right now is eat skittles. I probably should stop putting … Continue reading

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Last Wednesday my throat started hurting. It wasn’t terribly surprising; with all the fires in the region and lack of rain, our air quality is horrid and my allergies are in full swing anyway – I chalked the soreness up … Continue reading

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Under the weather

I’m home with a bout of stomach flu, and I’m cold so I’ve got a hot water bottle on my ankles (under the blanket). Amelia found it pretty quickly and is enjoying the extra warmth as well. 🙂

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Health care system insanity

I have bad joints, and previous joint surgeries. To help control pain and inflammation, I get monthly acupuncture treatments. They work marvelously, and allow me to maintain a good quality of life with minimal discomfort and without prescription pain medication. … Continue reading

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Walk on

After a looooong hiatus from exercise walking, I hit the trail today during lunch. Marta has been giving me gentle nudges to be more active, and lately she has started withholding food as a motivator. (Now that Marta has several weeks’ … Continue reading

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Rolling with the oats

I’m digging this fridge oatmeal. Today’s jar had blueberries. Yesterday I put in pineapple. I think tomorrow might be cinnamon and apple. I know, I’m out of control.

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Better than I expected

Today I had my annual physical exam, which includes fasting blood work – and I don’t do fasting well, so I wanted to bring along something to eat right after the vampires were done. Not knowing how long my appointment … Continue reading

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A green light day

Marta is proud of me today – I took a nice long walk after work, and hit all of my goals. Woot!

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