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So unfair

Babysitting the cats during breakfast to make sure the little one gets a chance to eat. Amelia thinks it’s highly unfair that I won’t let her swipe food from the elder (underweight) one. Doesn’t matter that she already inhaled her … Continue reading

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It’s a mother of a day

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s been a nice one so far; well wishes from the boys (plus a card and a rain check for dinner in a couple days), some truffles & a new sun hat from the Mr., and a pedicure … Continue reading

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Go outside and play!

We’re pretty sure the birds building the nest in our filbert are Bushtits. Very small birds, they spent the weekend making the inside cozy with fluff from a ball of wool we hung on the porch, and giving us the … Continue reading

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A misunderstanding

Seems that Amelia thought I was laying out my Hitchhiker scarf for her enjoyment, when really I was just trying to take a quick progress photo. I thought maybe if I fold it up a bit, she won’t think it’s … Continue reading

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Under the weather

I’m home with a bout of stomach flu, and I’m cold so I’ve got a hot water bottle on my ankles (under the blanket). Amelia found it pretty quickly and is enjoying the extra warmth as well. 🙂

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The answer

42 is also the number I will carry along with me for the next 364 days, because yesterday was my birthday. I am now twice as old as my second son, and half as old as Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Warren … Continue reading

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I was doing laundry yesterday, and a hat that I knit for my daughter was in there – so I washed it, laid it out to dry, and decided to snap a quick photo of it for my Ravelry project … Continue reading

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