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Just, just…

I’m at a loss to express how I feel about today, as we usher in our 45th. This isn’t the first president I didn’t respect, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. And this isn’t the first time I’ve … Continue reading

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Shuttin’ it down

We get a lot of solicitor calls at my office. All of our incoming calls still go through the front desk so we can screen these out. I know it’s their job, but we are trying to our jobs, too, and … Continue reading

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Enough already

I vote in every election, though politics turns my stomach. It’s not a job I ever wanted. There isn’t a politician out there who hasn’t done dirty deals, lied to make themselves look better,  covered up something shady, flip-flopped on … Continue reading


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Please hold

Forty-five minutes on the phone with CenturyLink, trying to do something that should be very simple: forward our office phone to an answering service after hours. I got the answering service all set up, tested it, left sample voicemails. The … Continue reading

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The reason for the animosity

When a company gets too big, it’s the consumer that suffers. And oh, how I have suffered at the hands of a major telecom provider! I’m pretty sure I mentioned the installation circus we had with them and subsequent billing … Continue reading

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Last Wednesday my throat started hurting. It wasn’t terribly surprising; with all the fires in the region and lack of rain, our air quality is horrid and my allergies are in full swing anyway – I chalked the soreness up … Continue reading

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The devil is in the details

It’s Monday. I’m having a bad hair day, I left the house this morning without putting my wedding ring back on (had taken it off to clean some pans), we had a new employee start this morning and I do … Continue reading

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DIY, only three ingredients!

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Huge. I’m browsing pinterest, enjoying the DIY section, and several things come up with titles like “best sugar scrub ever, only 3 ingredients!” but one of the ingredients is a commercial body … Continue reading

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Open letter

Dear Universe; For the most part, today sucked. It started at 6:45 am, when I left the house on time and discovered the weekly produce delivery on the porch – a delivery that I’d forgotten was going to be made … Continue reading

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Mass hysteria

The region has gone crazy, and I am doing my level best to stay out of the way. Hundreds of thousands of football fans are descending on downtown Seattle (some camped overnight along the parade route), making the commute to … Continue reading

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