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Just, just…

I’m at a loss to express how I feel about today, as we usher in our 45th. This isn’t the first president I didn’t respect, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. And this isn’t the first time I’ve … Continue reading

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Women’s March on Washington

Dropping these off at a local drop site tomorrow! They will be shipped to Washington DC for the march on the 21st. 

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Three dollar mystery pouch

I popped into the Army Navy Surplus the other day, looking for small stuff sacks. I found a couple bags that were just what I wanted. I also found this mysterious pouch, for $2.99: Inside was a chemical heating pad. … Continue reading

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Here’s a thought

Want to drastically reduce the number of folks who text and drive? Take away their automatics and make them drive fully manual vehicles. I got a workout just going to the post office!

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On my way to a conference in Cincinnati! Up before dawn means we got to watch the sunrise from the plane. Gorgeous views of the mountains. And of course, knitting. Good progress on a hat!

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City cat

Folks downtown have all sorts of pets they take on walks – dogs, of course; but also cats, snakes, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and I even saw a goat once. I’ve seen this feline around; he’s quite adept at … Continue reading

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Totally legit

Today I received an email from a yahoo email address, with the oh-so-tempting subject line of “CONGRATULATION(OPEN THE ATTACHMENT)”. Yep, there was an attachment. I’m sure it’s fine, right? Ha!

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Quickly, from the air

Well, not really – I’m back on the ground now, but I took this picture in the air: I’m in Las Vegas for a couple days and the phone is going away as soon as I post this. Two days … Continue reading

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Only the good ones

Thanks to a stupid person who ran into a train, my commute home last night was extra long and I ended up on a bus that didn’t take me all the way home – so the Girl and the Mr … Continue reading

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And just like that, a week goes by

Is it crazy for anyone else? Or is it just me?? This time of year, I love it — but man there is so much going on. Quick update on stuff: Porch: DONE! Not only that, it’s cleaned up and … Continue reading

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