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One pill makes you small

Rough morning – I accidentally took my “evening” vitamin supplements instead of the “morning” ones — so I’m loaded up on sleepy things like melatonin and ashwagandha. Makes for a drowsy start to the day. (and yes, they are in … Continue reading

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Reading & knitting

I finally finished 1Q84. Whoo, what a journey! I enjoyed the story – it’s imaginative, quirky, and entertaining – and once I settled into the cadence of the writing I found it a very soothing read. There isn’t a lot … Continue reading

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Finally spring

The wettest April is finally releasing its soggy grasp and we have a bit of spring going on. I’m taking full advantage by enjoying the view from my hammock. Currently reading Sleep Tight.

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The Alice Network

I finished reading The Alice Network yesterday – it was a good story. Nice mix of fact and fiction, decent character development, intriguing story line that didn’t give everything away up front. Nearly done with The Mannequin Makers, it got … Continue reading

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Off the hook (and needles)

I’ve been experiencing some pain in my hands, mostly in my left, at the base of my thumb and first finger – you know, the parts of your hand that engage when you pinch. It’s a persistent pain, always there … Continue reading

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