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Bubbly weekend

The internet ate the post I made from the commuter train this morning… I think I should take that as a sign and go back home. 🙂 Post Take Two: I spent the weekend at a local street fair, where … Continue reading

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Green phase

Painted with a friend the other night; feeling very zen. 🙂 And the sock continues to chug along, only about a half inch from the heel and the color has transitioned back to green. Love this yarn!

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Show time!

Yeah, it’s been quiet on the blog – but far from it inside my head. You see, I went a little crazy a couple months ago and signed up for way more shows (street fairs/bazaars/craft shows) than I normally do … Continue reading

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Soap, walk, purr, knit, spin

That about sums up the last few days. Had a lovely, relaxing Mother’s Day. It’s super busy right now – I’m in full-on production mode with my soap biz, gearing up for summer shows (first one is in less than … Continue reading

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Ten years of clean fun

[gratuitous plug for my business] Ten years ago I registered my company, RainDance Soaps. Ten years! And two years before that I operated under a different business name. Even I can do the math on that one: I’ve been selling … Continue reading

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I got my chair! And the napkin pillow cover turned out great. We now have one decorated / coordinated corner! Today I also set the first skein from my Sonata spinning wheel; it’s 4 oz of merino in Black Raspberry … Continue reading

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Social art

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine started something. I’m not sure if she understood exactly what she was doing, or maybe she did. She is also a crafty person, and she thought that I (and a few … Continue reading

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What’s happening, hotstuff?

Remember that line from Sixteen Candles? Maybe I’ll Netflix that on the telly while I make jelly on Friday (since I refuse to join the insanity that is Black Friday shopping). Has it really been five days since my last … Continue reading

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My weekends and evenings have been busy with fair preparations, so blogging is taking a backseat. I have also been knitting, of course; got those swamp socks past the heels and have most of a foot on the scrumptious STR … Continue reading

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Comcast / Xfinity has been out of service in our area for a few days now and the recorded message says to expect 40+ more hours of outage. I’ve got a hinky connection at the moment with a mobile broadband device, … Continue reading

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