Minus one, plus one

I had to rip out some socks I was making because they just weren’t working out, so while that yarn rests in timeout I cast on a pair for a child, using leftovers from the stash. So far, so good.

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May Day

When I was a kid, May 1st was about spring, and flowers. So here you go:

Our dogwood is in full bloom. It’s an oldie, and puts on quite a show. Beneath it was a bit of a shade jungle, which i cleaned up this weekend so the tree could breathe a bit.

Hostas coming up, ferns unfurling, tulips fading fast but still providing bright spots of color. Yay, spring!

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One done, one started

I’ve been working on a scarf as my commuter knitting project, and finished it off this weekend. It is happily blocking.

(Pattern is Close To You; yarn is Tosh Lace in Grove)

And so I needed a new commuter project and I cast on a Trillian, in some of my handspun. The yarn is a bit of a mystery, definitely a wool but beyond that I don’t know. I spun it years ago and wasn’t sure what to do with it; I think this scarf will do just fine. I don’t know how much yardage is there, but this pattern is easily adjusted for that.

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Rainbows on toes

I am loving this yarn by White Birch.

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Because, why not?

I recently added to my fiber equipment inventory, by welcoming an old but new to me circular sock machine (CSM). Yes, a machine to knit socks.

It isn’t that easy, though; there is a pretty steep learning curve and so far I’ve only successfully made tubes. And this isn’t replacing handknit socks, just adding to my ability to quickly do the “boring parts” and make it possible to clothe more feet each year in knit socks. 🙂 I cast on a lovely rainbow sock today at lunch, onto DPNs (the sock machine does not travel well!). Anyway, here’s the current situation in my living room:

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Rookie mistake

I am nearing the end of the Autopilot Cowl, and my hands needed a break from the small needles so I popped a hat project in my bag this morning. What I failed to do was to see where I was in the pattern, and read ahead to see that I needed larger needles for the next section. Do I have larger needles with me? Of course not. Guess who isn’t knitting today.

On a plus note, I am inordinately proud of my self control – I literally walk right by my LYS twice a day and I did not go in to buy more needles.

No knitting to show you, so how about a sneak peak of a quilt I started yesterday?

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Selfish knitting

I received some lovely alpaca / silk yarn as a gift, with the instructions to make something for myself. So I am.

One “Copilot Cowl”, coming right up.

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