WIP Wednesday

Nearly done with the pink ankle socks. 

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Last weekend I started spinning a lovely braid of wool/yak, and yesterday I got it washed and set. I haven’t counted yardage yet, but I plan on making a pair of fingerless mitts with the yarn. Just a regular spin job, two-ply, nice and bouncy DK weight.

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Being crafty

The top part on the key for my bike lock got broken. 

This made it impossible to put the key on a ring, and I kept misplacing it. I spent fifteen minutes this morning looking for the darned key, because I plan on riding my bike later and will need the lock. 

It must have been the second cup of coffee, because I had a bright moment after I located it. A few minutes with a crochet hook and some scrap sock yarn, and I have a key topper! Now I can attach it to a key ring or pin it to my pants. 

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On the needles

Working on the aggressively pink socks while listening to “No Such Thing As A Fish” podcast during my morning commute. 

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Porch time

I dusted off our patio chairs and set them out on the porch, where I’m going to do a bit of Sunday spinning with the hummingbirds. And what am I spinning today?

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Purple hats

I made a couple of tiny purple hats for donation. So itsy bitsy!

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Feeling productive

Some weekends we work work work around the house and never seem to get anything done. Well, this weekend I knocked several projects off the list. 

I painted the side of our carport-turned-shop. It hasn’t been painted in over 40 years and was a hodgepodge of a few colors. Now it matches the house! (We are saving the fascia boards for a separate project, because they need lots of prep.)

We got rid of a bunch of stuff that used to be stored along that wall. 

I also got our garden tools hung up on the backside of my soap studio. It’s not being painted because the whole studio will be replaced in a year or two, and this wall isn’t visible from the house so I can ignore it a bit longer. 

I also got our front door painted. I love it!

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