Stripe envy

These, I love. String Theory Colorworks yarn; plain vanilla sock with Fish Lips Kiss heel. Stripes!

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Sometimes I finish stuff

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Spring bean cowl

I ran across this pattern somewhere online and couldn’t wait to make one. Problem is, the pattern is written for the new Mandala yarn from Lion Brand – which is not available at the moment. And I didn’t have a good substitute in my stash. Plenty of striping yarns but none with slow gradients. 

Enter a morning trip to Makers Mercantile with friends! Schoppel Gradient yarn fits the bill nicely. 

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Racing the rain

Monsoon season is still holding us captive here in Seattle, delaying outdoor projects left and right. This morning we had a few hours of sunshine, though, so the Mr and I headed out to tackle a couple of things. He mostly worked on a workshop door, and I assembled a new raised garden bed (with some help from the Mr).

The old beds were built of wood, which only lasts about three years. These are the second set I’d made, and wanted the next ones to last longer. 

 Dissasembly went pretty quickly, as the wood was fairly rotted. 

The new panels are a permeable concrete mix, which has recycled wood mulch in it so they aren’t quite as heavy. Still rough enough to take skin off, though, so heavy gloves were mandatory. 

The sections are connected with aluminium brackets. 

And then we test-set them to check level and squareness. 

Once everything was plumb, final assembly and a cedar top rail finished it off nicely. 

These are a bit deeper than the last ones, so I’ll need to get more soil before planting. There is broccoli, onion, and garlic that wintered over that I worked around, and I found a batch of peas / beans sprouting. They must be ones that never germinate last year because it got so hot so early; I have no idea what these are exactly, but I transplanted them and we’ll see if they survive. I have a feeling that this year’s garden is going to have a bunch of surprises. We very nearly had  a walnut tree grow in three middle of one bed! Darned squirrels…

Anyway, I started on the second bed but the rain came back, so it will have to wait.

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It took us a minute

I was in a car accident a couple weeks ago, and picked up my car from the shop this morning. Along with the repair receipt, this was left in the car for us. 

We had to actually read it to realize it’s a litter bag. The Mr looked at me and asked where we are supposed to hang it. We haven’t had a car with window cranks in many years. 

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Revisiting the Wingspan

I reached out to the dyer of the yarn I was using for the Wingspan, to see if she had more. She did not, but she had a couple options with similar colors that I got to try out. 

In the end, I decided on a coordinating semi-solid yarn that pulls the blue from the main yarn, and striped them together before switching to the new yarn. I think it looks pretty good. 

The lighter color will be used across the top edge to finish it, so it should tie in well. There will be 2 points in the lighter yarn, which will balance it out. 

Today I did some rearranging in the craft room. I’m trying to get more organized, and am clearing out some old stuff. Anyway, I had to move my yarn to a new shelf. A few minutes ago I took the little ball of leftover dark yarn from the Wingspan in to put it away. 
Guess what I found on the sock yarn shelf. 

Yep, a whole ‘nother skein of the dark yarn…

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Letting the yarn do its thing

I found a skein of sock yarn at the bottom of a shelf, and decided to knit it up.I thought the colors would be nice and spring-like, and expected either stripes or variegated results. 

It didn’t knit up as I’d pictured in my head. 

But I forged on, letting the crazy colors do their thing. 

Until I had one sock done. 

I started the second, not bothering to match up the repeats. 

And yesterday I finished the heel gusset on the second sock. This is to be a crazy pair of socks! Not for the faint of heart.

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