The little beasts have really outdone themselves – they dug up three of my pumpkin seeds from the garden… And replanted them in the middle of the lawn. I tried to dig them up, but our ground is too hard. Between the crows and the squirrels, I’m surprised anything grows in our garden!

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Hermione’s Everyday Socks

In Socks That Rock, no mods to the pattern except to increase 4 stitches after the cuff. The dye isn’t very even in this skein, but I like the randomness. 

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Hue Update

Thanks to a long holiday weekend, I finished the third quadrant on the Hue Afghan. 

The yarn bag is getting pretty light and I feel like I’m entering Yarn Chicken territory…

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Second sock

I know it’s indistinguishable from last week’s post, but I promise that I finished the first sock and this is its mate. 

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Lesson learned (maybe)

After working on the grey Wyrt socks for several days and two flights, the reason for their original grounding became known (again), when I tried them on yesterday.  

The cables are lovely, but they – and the short row heel in the pattern – make them quite uncomfortable and unflattering to wear… The cables end up spaced so that they pull tightly across the instep, distorting the sock and creating a rather sharp crease that pinches the top of my foot. Sigh. 

I recall now that I discovered this when I was first trying them on for the foot length, and set them aside until I could figure out what to do about it. That memory got buried by time, so when I pulled the socks from the WIP box I just merrily picked up where I left off…

Note to self: it’s a good idea to write down, perhaps on the pattern, the reason a project is going on hold. That, along with marking the exact row at which you stopped, will save you many hours and much frustration later. 

I was so irritated that I immediately frogged the socks, and cast on a new pair in a more cheerful colorway and infinitely simpler pattern.

These are Hermione’s Everyday Socks, in Socks That Rock. I adore this yarn, and the confetti-like colors are certainly a welcome diversion from Seattle’s ongoing rainy season. 

(PS: I will reuse the grey yarn, it’s lovely Hazel Knits – just with a different pattern.)

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Wyrt Socks

This blog post is brought to you by a conference that I am on my way to, in Minneapolis. Faced with plenty of uninterrupted knitting time, I dig deep into the abandoned WIP basket and pulled out these socks – which, according to the date on the pattern, are from a KAL I joined in November 2015. Don’t judge me.

They have a wandering cable on the front, and garter stitch short row heels – both new to me. Listening to podcasts and concentrating on the charts *almost* allows me to block out the unhappy toddler in the row behind me.  

The poor tot is not enjoying being confined to a seat for several hours, and bless her parents for trying. Ah, well; such is travel. Still glad for all the knitting time. 

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Putting in the toms

Both of our boys came by today, and our eldest was kind enough to take me to the nursery for dirt and tomato starts. Much moving of dirt later, I laid out the tomatoes in their new home. 

(they have since been buried and watered in)

And the other bed, you ask? The mystery begin to unfold, with a wild combination of radishes and red leaf lettuce so far, with what appears to be a few carrots here and there. 

I need to do some thinning now. No sign of the asparagus yet, and last year’s broccoli has gone to flower. The peas & beans are doing well. I know I scattered the seeds now evenly than that, but the squirrels love to dig in the garden and they made a mess of things. 

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