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City cat

Folks downtown have all sorts of pets they take on walks – dogs, of course; but also cats, snakes, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and I even saw a goat once. I’ve seen this feline around; he’s quite adept at … Continue reading

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This, that, and the other

Autumn is here, no doubt – it’s dark, gloomy, and damp. The leaves have fallen and become sodden mounds of fungal decomposition, quietly moldering away in ditches and gutters.¬†Perfect weather for soup, tea, and knitting with Netflix streaming in the … Continue reading


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Go outside and play!

We’re pretty sure the birds building the nest in our filbert are Bushtits. Very small birds, they spent the weekend making the inside cozy with fluff from a ball of wool we hung on the porch, and giving us the … Continue reading

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A misunderstanding

Seems that Amelia thought I was laying out my Hitchhiker scarf for her enjoyment, when really I was just trying to take a quick progress photo. I thought maybe if I fold it up a bit, she won’t think it’s … Continue reading

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Juliet Poe Cowl

Kismet stepped in and the day after I spun up that lovely sport-weight yarn, I read a ¬†post from The Sock Monkey wherein he blogged about his new cowl pattern, and I immediately knew that the Juliet Poe Cowl was … Continue reading

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I was doing laundry yesterday, and a hat that I knit for my daughter was in there – so I washed it, laid it out to dry, and decided to snap a quick photo of it for my Ravelry project … Continue reading

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Cat trap

I’m trapped under sixteen pounds of feline warmth and cuteness. Not a bad way to spend Sunday morning.

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Cat nap

I set my knitting down and Amelia decided it made a good pillow.

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